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Mobile First

Study on-the-go, utilizing those ‘dead times’ to make the most of your day.



Turn learning into an engaging game and earn rewards as you progress.


Spaced Repitition

Maximize memory retention with our scientifically-backed spaced repetition technique.

Unlock Your Genius for the USMLE with Our Proven Three-Step Method

Master the Basics with Spot Questions

Tackle our curated set of short, spot questions covering key terms and essential concepts.

Benefit from a scientifically-backed algorithm that ensures you remember what you learn, long-term.

Build a strong base in every subject, one question at a time.


Apply Your Knowledge with Real-World Cases

Dive into carefully selected cases that demonstrate the practical application of your foundational knowledge.

Enhance your ability to analyze and interpret clinical scenarios, a crucial skill for the USMLE.

See how different subjects intertwine in real medical cases, preparing you for complex exam questions.


Conquer Board-Style Questions with Confidence

Challenge yourself with our comprehensive range of board-style questions, mirroring the USMLE format.

Apply everything you’ve memorized and analyzed to solve complex questions with ease.

With the knowledge and skills you’ve gained, approaching the USMLE becomes a journey of confidence, not stress.


Discover What Genius Offers

Bite-sized Lessons

Digestible lessons crafted to fit into your busy schedule.

Interactive Challenges

Test your knowledge with fun and interactive

Progress Tracking

See your growth in real-time with our intuitive
progress dashboard.

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